Blues squander chances: Bears fall in

Undefeated from four games, Guild retained top billing in A Grade after blanking Deakin in a high-quality contest, while Bellarine hung on by a run against a fast-finishing Mounties – which is still in search of its first win along with Bacchus Marsh, as the Tigers disappointed their home supporters with an ordinary showing against Lara Wildcats.

GUILD 4 defeated DEAKIN 0

While there was – as expected - very little between these teams, Deakin could have made a far better fist of the contest had they been able to cash in on a welter of scoring opportunities against a quality defensive unit again well-served by Brad Egan on the hill over seven.

A massive two-run blast by Harry Levy in the first was followed by a solo shot to Lee Harty in the second – enough of a buffer for the Lions, whose defence featured great work at the hot corner by Levy and a circus catch by outfielder Tony Kilfoyle – for a subsequent double play that stunned the Blues as they mounted a challenge in the home half of the second.

Egan and Deakin starter Chris Webb were both terrific over seven before handing the pill to their closers to wrap up a nine-innings stoush that produced no runs after the third.

Landing fourteen runners on base to nine, the Blues would be dirty on themselves for losing five of those – including one at the plate – although that outcome was created largely by some stellar defence from a youthful and enthused Guild lineup complemented by evergreen Egan, hitting Manager Jason Landthaler, established catcher Ryan Stewart and big man Harty. 

Although taking a while to settle into his work, Egan shared best afield honours with Levy, who drove in three of his side’s runs, while Deakin was well-served by Webb, catcher Andy Medew (two hits) and utility Kelii Zablan, who was unhittable with two innings of heat at the end.

Clearly the side to watch for 2015, Deakin will be away to Bellarine next Saturday – in what is an important game for both clubs – while Guild goes to the bye undefeated after four.

GUILD 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0   (4)  1 error  
DEAKIN 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0   (0)  1 error  
Guild: H.Levy 2 (inc home run), L.Harty 2 (inc home run), C.Durston, J.Wood, R.Stewart, J.Landthaler  
Deakin: A.Medew 2, W.Balzer, K.Zablan, M.Belfrage, N.Warren, R.Holm  
Guild: H.Levy 3, L.Harty  
Deakin: nil  
Guild: B.Egan 7 inn, 6 H, 4 Ks, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER  
  J.Wood 2 inn, 1 H, 1 K, 3 BB, 1 HPB, 0 ER  
Deakin: C.Webb 7 inn, 8 H, 4 Ks, 1 BB, 0 HPB, 4 ER  
  K.Zablan 2 inn, 0 H, 4 Ks, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER  


With Simon Murry in early control, Bellarine looked set for a comfortable victory until a pitching change was greeted with a late Mounties assault that came up just short of what would have been a stirring victory.

George Davidson and Brent Jacobsson did a solid job on the hill for Mounties, whose offence was led by Stewart Jeffery with three hits.

Match Report and details to come.

LARA 12 defeated BACCHUS MARSH 2 (score to be confirmed)

Saints had the A Grade bye

Scroll down for images from a big day of baseball at Deakin this afternoon.



GBA Junior News: Update 28 April

Geelong Baseball Association junior competition will start on Saturday 2 May, with two competitive age groupings and an Under 17 Skills Academy to commence on Monday 4 May.

Under 13 competition comprises eight teams and the Under 15 competition seven teams - an increase in both of those age groups since last season.

Under 13 games will be played at Stead Park. Under 15 will be a home and away competition. See HERE for details of the Under 17 Skills Academy, which is available to ALL interested and eligible players regardless of their playing level.

T-Ball will be played as a lightning premiership held at Stead Park over three weeks (dates to be announced).

The Junior Draw has been posted to club officials and is available on these pages under the "JUNIORS" tab.

Junior Rules for 2015 are posted HERE.

The GBA Junior Chairman is Robert Hosking (0411 201101 or

Wildcats in wet: Lions, Blues in a canter

Lara posted its first win of the season in bleak conditions at Prince of Wales Reserve, while Guild – at home - maintained its unbeaten record with a thumping win over Saints and rapidly emerging glamour club Deakin crushed Bellarine in a Sunday mismatch at Wallington.

DEAKIN 13 defeated BELLARINE 1

Although many expected Deakin to take this game right up to hitherto undefeated Bellarine – last year’s runner-up – few could have expected the magnitude of the win, which took the form of a seven-innings shellacking behind some quality pitching and imperious offence.

Plating two in the first, the Blues went on a rampage with a seven-run third-innings blast against Josh Crotty before Chris Bramwell and Jon Lowe slowed the assault marginally.

Although the Bears faltered in defence, seventeen hits to three – for nine earned runs - told the tale of this contest as Chris Webb (six innings) and Kelii Zablan subdued a vaunted Bellarine offence that failed to score until the sixth, and even then unearned.

Each of the Deakin starting lineup hit safely, with the standouts being newcomer Ricky Holm (three hits and three RBIs), Matt Belfrage (three and two), Wade Balzer, Chris Webb, Andy Medew and Mark Rigby – all with two knocks in a stunning team display.

Replication of this form would give Deakin a real chance in its match-of-the day clash with Guild at the stadium next Saturday, while Bellarine will make the trek to Ballarat in the knowledge that a combative Mounties took the Blues right to the wire in Round Two.

DEAKIN 2 0 7 2 0 1 1   (13)  2 errors
BELLARINE 0 0 0 0 0 1 0    (1)   4 errors
Deakin: R.Holm 3, M.Belfrage 3, W.Balzer 2, C.Webb 2, A.Medew 2, M.Rigby 2, K.Zablan, C.Gibbons, N.Warren
Bellarine: S.Murry, J.Lowe, B.McKentish
Deakin: R.Holm 3, M.Belfrage 2, W.Balzer, C.Webb, C.Gibbons, A.Medew
Bellarine: J.Lowe
Deakin: C.Webb 6 inn, 3 H, 2 Ks, 3 BB, 1 HPB, 0 ER
  K.Zablan 1 inn, 0 H, 2 Ks, 0 BB, 0 ER
Bellarine: J.Crotty 3 inn, 9 H, 3 Ks, 1 BB, 1 HPB, 6 ER
  C.Bramwell 3 inn, 5 H, 1 K, 0 BB, 1 HPB, 2 ER
  J.Lowe 1 inn, 3 H, 0 K, 1 BB, 0 HPB, 1 ER

GUILD 12 defeated SAINTS 3

Trying five on the hill during a disappointing mismatch, Saints were never in the contest against a Guild offence that bludgeoned three in the first and a game-breaking five in the third, an assault sparked largely by tyros James Wood (four hits and four RBIs) and Harry Levy (three and three, including a towering home run).

Although tagged for a couple of earned runs in the fourth, workhorse Brad Egan tossed another quality start and earned a further win to add to his many for Guild, which was out of the blocks early and had the game well and truly under control at eight zip after three.

While Saints pegged back a few mid-game, the Lions were able to generate some late insurance runs to post their third double-digit win on the trot – an ominous sign for clubs seeking to slow a Guild juggernaut barrelling, it seems, towards a fifth consecutive A Grade title.

With Lee Harty in the set-up role and James Wood closing out the game, the Lions conceded seven scattered hits to a Saints outfit that played errorless defence but was unable to rival the offensive output of a Guild side proffered outstanding service by the abovementioned Wood and Levy, along with partners in crime Ryan Stewart and Ryan Darcy (both with two hits and two RBIs).

Pretty good early in the season, Saints starter Duane Davenport came in for some early treatment, while Emerson Rickard and Jordan Isbister were solid in short relief before Manager Justin Charles chewed up a couple of innings when the game – for his men - was clearly gone.

Guild will be away to Deakin next Saturday, while Saints go to the bye with a one and two record in the knowledge that they have been playing some decent baseball regardless of a blowout at the stadium today.

SAINTS 0 0 0 2 1 0 0    (3)   0 errors
GUILD 3 0 5 0 2 2 x   (12)  2 errors
Saints: L.Sherwell, J.Charles, J.Lee, T.Huisman, J.Isbister, C.Rickard, L.Crichton
Guild: J.Wood 4, H.Levy 3 (inc home run), R.Stewart 2, R.Darcy 2, J.Durston, A.Kilfoyle
Saints: T.Huisman 2, L.Poulter
Guild: J.Wood 4, H.Levy 3, R.Stewart 2, R.Darcy 2, J.Lekkas
Saints: D.Davenport 2.2 inn, 7 H, 2 Ks, 3 BB, 1 HPB, 8 ER
  E.Rickard 0.1 inn, 1 H, 0 K, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER
  J.Isbister 1 inn, 0 H, 0 K, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER
  J.Charles 2 inn, 5 H, 1 K, 2 BB, 1 HPB, 4 ER
  T.Huisman 0 inn, 0 H, 0 K, 2 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER
Guild: B.Egan 5 inn, 6 H, 5 Ks, 1 BB, 2 HPB, 2 ER
  L.Harty 1 inn, 1 H, 2 Ks, 0 BB, 0 HPB, 1 ER
  J.Wood 1 inn, 0 H, 2 Ks, 1 BB, 0 HPB, 0 ER

LARA 6 defeated MOUNTIES YC 2

While both starters in Leigh Ashmore (Mounties) and Cameron McNish (Lara) conceded first-innings runs – in part through some errant defence - it was a tight contest until the Wildcats edged away before a lengthy rain delay and a subsequent early finish.

With scores level at two apiece after the first, the Wildcats took full toll of a string of free passes and some timely hitting by their vastly experienced lineup to gain the break with a three-spot in the second, following by a further run in the fourth before the rain arrived.

Making a decent fist of it in difficult conditions for pitchers, McNish scattered six hits and conceded just one walk for a solitary earned run, while the Wildcats had grand contributors in Steve Baumann (two hits), Ross Wilson (two hits and two RBIs), Clinton Lewis (two and one) and Ben Hammer (who picked up two ribbies on a bases loaded walk and a sacrifice fly).

Sharing its hits among six players, Mounties again showed that it was up to this level but will face another stern test at home to Bellarine next Saturday, while Lara will play host to a winless though ultra-competitive Bacchus Marsh.

LARA 2 3 0 1   (6)  1 error
MOUNTIES 2 0 0 0   (2)  1 error
Lara: S.Baumann 2, R.Wilson 2, C.Lewis 2, D.Anson, M.McConnell, C.McNish
Mounties: B.Jones, J.Bramwell, S.Kerr, L.Ashmore, S.Jeffery, S.Jones
Lara: B.Hammer 2, R.Wilson 2, C.Lewis, J.Ricketts
Mounties: S.Kerr
Lara: C.McNish 4 inn, 6 H, 2 Ks, 1 BB, 0 HPB, 1 ER
Mounties: L.Ashmore 4 inn, 7 H, 4 Ks, 5 BB, 0 HPB, 5 ER
  B.Hoskin 0.1 inn, 2 H, 0 K, 0 BB, 0 ER

BACCHUS MARSH had the A Grade bye

CLICK HERE for more images from Round Three.

Winter Championships

Getting in early with its preparation for the 2015 Winter Championships, Geelong Baseball Association is pleased to announce the appointment of a significant portion of its coaching staff. While some positions are still to be filled, the following announcements have been made.

Head Coach Cameron GIBBONS
Assistant Coach Justin CHARLES
UNDER 18 CHAMPIONSHIP (Wangaratta, 27-28 June)
Head Coach Phill NORTHFIELD
UNDER 16 CHAMPIONSHIP (Mildura, 4-5 July)
To be announced  
UNDER 14 CHAMPIONSHIP (Frankston, 18-19 July)
Head Coach Larry MEAGER
Assistant Coach Joel RICKETTS
Assistant Coach Andy MEDEW
UNDER 12 CHAMPIONSHIP (Bendigo, 25-26 July)
Head Coach Chris RICKARD

Other appointments will be announced as they become available.

Geelong Baseball Association will be aiming to provide day-by-day website reporting of all Winter Championships (See the "Championships" link in our Main menu).

Junior Premiers

Congratulations to the premier teams in GBA junior competition for 2014.




GBA Junior contact details for 2015

All enquiries and enquiries regarding junior competitions and programmes for the 2014 winter season should be directed to Junior Secretary Terri Walker (email

The Junior Chairman is Robert Hosking (0411 201101 or

A Grade Scores

DEAKIN 0 lost to GUILD 4
LARA 12 defeated BACCHUS MARSH 2
All senior scores are posted in "COMPETITION"

GBA seeks coaches for Winter Championships

Applications are sought for suitably qualified and committed personnel to coach and manage GBA representative teams for the 2015 Winter Championships.   MORE DETAIL

GBA Delegates' Meetings

Geelong Baseball Association Executive requests that affiliate clubs add the following details to their season calendar.

DELEGATES' MEETINGS have been scheduled for 24 March, 12 May, 16 June and 4 August. These meetings will commence at 7.00 PM and are expected to be held at the Guild clubrooms. Each associated club must have a delegate present at each of these meetings or a fine maybe levied against the absent club.

PRESENTATION NIGHT. The GBA Senior Presentation Night will be held on Saturday 5 September at Buckleys. Each senior side entered will be allocated two tickets to this event, the cost of which is included in the affiliation fees.


A Grade Match Report

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